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There wants to be an offline place, a place to go to, to enjoy inspiration brought into this world. Who’s defining what’s art and what isn’t? No one is ;). Just enjoy the experience!

I am a connector (curator / gallerist) who isn’t controlling its artists and their artworks—by old rules and standards. This pop-up gallery is the antidote.

S/2009 I am a Master of Fine Arts—nowadays, I wouldn’t explain this as studying at art school, but studying at school that is life itself. That’s not learning “how it should be done” but “how to let go of shoulds and wants”. And this ungoing mastering-journey gets more and more refined.

For me, experiencing art goes beyond mind. It's experiencing the sacred now—not to seek for, but to open up to. Of course, we consume a lot of things on a daily basis. Many creations just pass by, and we are not in this open state to let it all the way in. To fully experience the richness of a creation. This gallery will invite you to concentrate—to open up and experience. 


YES, I really like to support other artists and create a stage for their work. An artist is someone for whom expressing comes naturally. Of course, then we are all artists, aren’t we? And some of us love to bring it into form, have a unique gift to materialize divine inspiration. 

This gallery is for you, artist, to get your beautiful and ugly stuff shown to others, to share it with whomever gets inspired by your creations. Plus, this gallery is for everyone to deeply enjoy this experience.

OPENING EXHIBITION: winter 22/23 (more info soon)

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