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A Circle

We are being asked to remember and tap into higher guidance and higher wisdom now more than ever.

Join us in our weekly Circle in Rotterdam.

A Circle #4

⊹ women's circle ⊹ offline ⊹ high level of accessibility ⊹ also open to English-speaking folks ⊹

Wednesday 08.06 19:30 - 21:30 Rotterdam 

"You'll open to what's here right now,

you'll recognize how much is here

and you'll see where you take yourself out from that."

Outlines of this Circle

~ Every Circle is a combination of energy work practises, collaboration, sharing, guidance, channeling, activations, fun (!); 

~ In A Circle #4: What's Already Here — we will be opening to what's available in the present moment, within this Circle, and we'll regonize how much is already here. You will see where you take yourself out from that; 

~ This Circle is about coming back to yourself, bringing all of your energy back and tune into what's already here and what you already know;

~ We will call our energy back into the present moment, and then we will play with the energy that's available in this now moment. When we stay present to the energy in the moment, there is access to soooo much more!

~ We will notice where the mind comes online and switches your intuition from online to offline. Is your mind distracting you from what's available for you?;

~ You will notice when you are full — on a system level. That sweet spot where your system tells you: I have a lot to integrate, it's enough; 

~ It's working on widening our capacity, of what we can hold in our body, in our system;

~ All participants (you, as a co-creator of this Circle) are in a way devoted to wanting to start widening their receptivity in and of life, from moment to moment; 

~ There is time to share if you feel called to do so. Beforehand, or within the circle, feel what’s alive in your reality right now, what you would like to share with this group of women.

~ During the creation process of A Circle and during the last three Circles I've come to see that there is só much available in this field, in the field of A Circle — that there's already a lot in here. This Fullness is available to us when we come back. So let's tune into What's Already Here!​​​

A Circle instructions

This creation comes with the instruction: do not let your guides determine a fixed price, but let the guides of the participants, the co-creators of the circle, find out which amount is perfect for this Circle. This instruction sounds cute as a concept, but we're (me included) doing deep work on Money — a loaded theme for many of us. A theme on which work wants to be done.

At the end of A Circle, deeply connected to our intuition and higher guidance, you determine the price that's right for you at this moment. Not from the mind or what you know, but from yóú. This is practicing in navigating & listening to our higher levels. It's investigating our relationship with money. You feel how much you can trust in this at the moment, you don't have to give the channeled amount, you feel which number your system is ok with.

Join us ❍


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A Circle