1:1 sessie

  • 1 uur 30 min

    255 euro
⊹ los te boeken, wanneer jij de behoefte voelt
⊹ we werken met precies datgeen dat nu omhoog komt in jouw realiteit / creatieproces
⊹ 90 min
 255 per sessie
⊹ online/offline naar keuze


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About Sara

I am a creative guide. My 1:1 work is a combination of guidance, healing, intuitive reads, activations and training. I mostly attract creative humans & my offerings are open to all. 

For a long time, I believed I needed a lot of words on my website. Now I know you can feel me here already. You can feel me in the weekly offline circles in Rotterdam. You can feel me in my mailinglist. You can feel me here (instagram). And here (my teachings/blog). If you feel this is for you, that's enough. See you at our divine appointment 〰